Lloyd Martin appointed Chairman of British Water’s International Forum

Bluewater Bio International, an award-winning provider of innovative high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is pleased to announce that Lloyd Martin, Business Development & Strategic Counsel for BwB, has been appointed as Chairman for British Water’s (“BW”) International Forum. The role commenced from 2nd April, with Lloyd serving a term of three years, during which he will also be a member of the board of Directors of British Water. The International Forum offers members of British Water – the UK water industry trade association – who are active or interested in international trade, the opportunity to expand their commercial activities in overseas territories.

Lloyd Martin

Lloyd Martin brings over 20 years’ water industry experience working in international markets, including Regional Director for Severn Trent Services International and Business Development Manager at Anglian Water International. Lloyd has also undertaken a three year assignment as the UK water industry’s international trade advisor to the British Government.

In his role, Lloyd will serve as an ‘Ambassador’ for the UK water and wastewater supply chain internationally, raising the profile of UK capability and expertise as well as facilitating commercial introductions and trade for British Water members.

Daniel Ishag, Founder and CEO of Bluewater Bio International commented: “Lloyd has proven to be a highly valued member of our team over the past couple of years, with his extremely relevant business network both within the UK and internationally. I have the utmost faith in his ability to chair the International Forum and help drive business for the UK supply chain overseas.”

“In our case, we have found that international markets have been critical to our success, gaining significant traction in key markets such as South Africa, Middle East and USA. With the well documented barriers to innovation in the UK, I would strongly advise any UK based technology company to seize any assistance they can obtain from British Water when evaluating their commercial strategy abroad.”

Lloyd Martin added: “I have been committed to British Water’s international activities for at least 20 years, ever since I first began working overseas. I am a strong supporter of the key role that British Water can play in assisting companies that wish to expand their activities internationally. I believe that British Water has a unique position within the industry, being able to link the best commercial ideas of its members with the export assistance available from UKTI. I intend to improve the Forum’s ability to meet the needs of British Water’s members, by focussing on how best to provide information, knowledge and experience of exports to all, and by acting as a networking conduit for best-practices.”

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