FilterClear goes from strength to strength with 12 projects awarded to date in 2020

Under the Water Framework Directive (WFD) Phosphorus discharge requirements are becoming increasingly stringent in AMP7, with consents down to 0.2 mg/L in some cases.

With FilterClear being one of the very few reliable technologies globally to deliver this, clients are now realising the benefits and installing our technology on their plants. So far this year 12 installations have been ordered, the latest being Southern Water at Newick STW.

FilterClear is a high-rate multimedia filtration technology, capable of treating flows ranging from 2 L/s to in excess of 1,000 L/s. Since successfully demonstrating that the technology can achieve total phosphorus concentrations of less than 0.1 mg/l in the national CIP2 trials, FilterClear has been successfully implemented at multiple sites across the UK. In most cases the consent limit is not as stringent as 0.1 mg/L, but water companies recognise the benefits of planning ahead for future tightening of phosphorus consents.