Bluewater Bio Ltd recognises our responsibility to ensure that our business activities do the least possible damage to the environment.

The Operations Board of the Company is committed to a policy of environmental management throughout the Company activities, in compliance with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015, ensure that services are provided in such a way as to minimise their environmental effects.  Furthermore, the Company is committed to a process of continual improvement of environmental performance.

The Company will ensure that our environmental objectives are achieved by:

  • Compliance with all relevant environmental legislative and regulations.
  • Re-use or re-cycling of waste materials whenever possible, prior to disposal.
  • Minimise the use of resources (Materials, Fuel and Energy) there by reducing wastage.
  • Minimise all emissions and discharges (Noise, Gaseous, Solid and Liquid) ensuring compliance with all regulatory controls.
  • Consideration of environmental effects and a commitment to pollution prevention in all business decisions including the purchase of materials or equipment and the adoption of new technology / processes.
  • Encouraging all third parties involved with our business to adopt a policy of environmental management.
  • Provide adequate resources for the achievement of the policy objectives.
  • Considering the Life Cycle Perspective with regards to Environmental Aspects

The nature of our activities places emphasis on the competence and experience of the staff employed.  High levels of responsibility and reliability are associated with all aspects of our work and a commitment to continued professional development and training exists to ensure that all staff are suitably competent and qualified to meet these requirements.

The Directors of the Company have given the respective Managers full authority to carry out the Environmental Policy of the Company, and all Company personnel are required to co-operate.

All new and existing personnel are made aware of the Environmental Policy either during ongoing training sessions or Company Induction.

This Environmental Policy has been endorsed by the Board of Directors who give their full support to the implementation of the policy.