Corporate Social Responsibility

Bluewater Bio’s products and services are focussed on the treatment and reuse of both water and wastewater, utilising less energy, less land and fewer chemicals than competing technologies. Effective water management is a crucial factor in improving public health, the environment and economic development.

The Company recognises that its activities are directly related to the society and environment in which they operate in. Accordingly, the Company is aware of its responsibility to conduct business and grow with a strong focus on social and environmental accountability.

In particular, Bluewater Bio is committed to:

  • Funding for PhD and MSc students in water sciences at Cranfield University;
  • Continuous support for its nominated charity, WaterAid;
  • Membership of a UK registered carbon offsetting scheme;
  • Membership of schemes to promote occupational health and safety including CHAS and UVDB Achilles
  • Providing paid apprenticeship placements for UK government supported schemes;
  • Supporting local schools and colleges with work experience placements and similar;
  • An extensive R&D programme to optimise our current technology portfolio;
  • Supporting the ethical sourcing of materials and policies against modern slavery and child labour;
  • Minimising waste products from all processes;
  • Maximising the efficient use of energy and water;
  • Reducing the impact of travel/transport;
  • Preventing pollution wherever possible

Bluewater Bio’s commitment to Corporate & Social Responsibility is further reinforced through the Company’s Corporate Strategy Statement, which demands that it “exceeds performance whilst reducing resource requirements for: municipal customers; adjacent industry sectors; the communities they serve; and the environment within which we all operate.”

Press/Media Enquiries

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Marketing & Development Manager
London, UK
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