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Bluewater Bio wins ‘Best Process Technology’ at WEX fro HYBACS project in Bahrain

Bluewater Bio International, a leading provider of innovative high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is delighted to announce that it has received the accolade of ‘Best Process Technology’ at this year’s prestigious Water and Energy Exchange (“WEX”) Global Innovation Awards. The ceremony, sponsored by Degremont, took place at the illustrious Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid during the 8th annual WEX conference, which brings together the world’s leading experts and authorities in the Water and Energy industries. (

The awards were open to organisations that have made a significant contribution to the water and wastewater sector during the previous 12 months. They were fiercely contested, with BwB competing in the process technology category against multi-billion pound nominees such as Sembcorp and Kemira.

Bluewater Bio has recently celebrated the successful commissioning and performance of its HYBrid ACtivated Sludge (“HYBACS”) upgrade at Tubli Water Pollution Control Centre in Bahrain, generating strong ministerial and media endorsement. Just last month, the company welcomed a delegation of 40 key industry personnel from leading water engineering companies around the globe, keen to witness the impressive performance of HYBACS first hand. BwB has now entered into an operation and maintenance contract at Tubli.

Daniel Ishag, Founder and CEO of Bluewater Bio International added: “Our 100 ML/d HYBACS plant at Tubli is the jewel in BwB’s crown, with test results consistently outperforming the client’s expectations. Gaining recognition from not only the client but also the highly respected and esteemed industry peers represented by the WEX awards, is a great honour and one of which the team at BwB should be immensely proud.”

Furthermore, the HYBACS upgrade at Tubli has also been shortlisted for wastewater project of the year in April’s Global Water Intelligence (“GWI”) awards, along with industry heavyweights such as Aqualia, CH2M Hill, Tedagua, Veolia and WTE. (

Daniel concludes: “We must not forget that, in industry terms, Bluewater Bio is still a relatively young company. To be credited so highly, under tough competition from the establishment, is testament to our entrepreneurial commitment, drive and determination. The results of our HYBACS process speak for themselves; we have a compelling technology, proven on a large scale, that I envisage becoming an industry standard over the near term.”

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Bluewater Bio Signs Reciprocal Licensing Agreement with Biowater Technology

partners_biowater_75Bluewater Bio International, a leading provider of innovative high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Norwegian based Biowater Technology (“Biowater”) to market each other’s advanced, high rate filtration and Moving Bed Bio Reactor (‘MBBR’) processes, respectively. More specifically the agreement, which was executed on February 1st 2014, covers BwB’s FilterClear™ and Biowater’s CFIC® products on a global, non-exclusive basis. It enables BwB to broaden and enhance their ever-expanding portfolio of innovative technologies, thereby strengthening their market position whilst opening up new territories and vertical sectors across the world.
The agreement marks the culmination of an increasingly close relationship over the past 18 months, as demonstrated by co-installation of BwB’s FilterClear™ and Biowater’s CMFF® technologies on a water reuse system for the Nirlon ‘green campus’, near Mumbai, India.

Biowater see FilterClear as complementary to their current MBBR -based offering, attracted by its key differentiators of class leading throughput rate and solids retention, high dirt holding capacity and low volume of backwash waste. In addition, the small footprint, minimum civil works, quick on-site installation and minimal operational intervention gives the end user a lower whole life cost over the life of an asset.

In addition to technology supply, both companies will provide, where necessary, relevant training and support. Audun Lodemel, CEO of Biowater Technology commented: “We are looking forward to working with Bluewater Bio in what is undoubtedly a mutually beneficial alliance between two companies that share the same vision and values. The combination of Bluewater’s high rate media filter with our own low footprint, cost effective biofilm technologies, such as the next generation Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning MBBR (CFIC®), allows us to address an even wider segment of the market – both municipal and industrial. Likewise, Bluewater Bio is well placed to benefit from the utilisation of our technologies to their global network. Customers will benefit from the combined solution with lower investment and operation costs.”

Bluewater Bio International added: “We view Biowater as an important strategic partner going forward, as we look to consolidate our market position globally whilst opening up the new opportunities that Biowater’s technology portfolio affords us. We have seen interest in our FilterClear technology grow exponentially over the past few months, in response to compelling performance data from tertiary treatment installations at Anglian Water and – in combination with Biowater’s biofilm processes – at Nirlon in India. Just as Biowater gain access to our technology and distribution, we are able to utilise their high performance biofilm technologies. To continue building our leading, stand-alone technology platform, Bluewater Bio must expand our portfolio with innovative, small footprint, low energy technologies that complement our existing products.

“We are particularly proud to be cementing our FilterClear offering so soon after our recent launch events at Tubli sewage treatment works in Bahrain, where our HYBACS upgrade received critical acclaim from clients, politicians and future partners alike. With both landmark developments under our belt by early February, we’re confident for the year ahead.”

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Bahrain Site Visit Celebrates Successful Performance Testing of HYBACS Upgrade

On Thursday 23rd January Bluewater Bio International, an award winning provider of high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, hosted a site visit to Tubli Water Pollution Control Centre (“WPCC”) in Bahrain, to celebrate recently-completed performance testing of its HYBrid ACtivated Sludge (“HYBACS®”) wastewater treatment upgrade.

In recognition of Bluewater Bio’s UK roots and its export success, the site visit was included by the UK Embassy in their programme for Great British Week (, during which the Company also exhibited at the Advanced Engineering & Innovation Expo on Saturday 18th January.

Welcoming 35 guests from as far afield as Australia, Canada, China and South Africa, Daniel Ishag, founder and CEO of Bluewater Bio, said: “Bluewater Bio is immensely proud to have been selected by the Bahraini Ministry of Works for their 8.75 million Dinar wastewater upgrade at Tubli. Thank you to our Ministry clients here today, and also to our champions within the UK Government who helped us build the necessary relationships across the Bahraini government.”

During the visit Bluewater Bio’s Project Manager, Bashar Muhtadi, presented the challenges that dictated the upgrade in sewage treatment capacity, while Technical Director, Dr. Jeremy Biddle, outlined the HYBACS plant’s performance. The visit also included a real-time demonstration to illustrate the vastly improved sludge settling of effluent from the two HYBACS lanes, compared with effluent from the eight lanes not yet upgraded.

Jeremy added: “During commissioning in September and October, the HYBACS plant at Tubli treated 20% more flow than its design average and nitrified fully, whilst demonstrating substantial power savings of up to 40%. Our upgrade has subsequently passed performance testing with no failures, despite very high influent COD loads. But don’t just take my word for
it; I couldn’t put it better than the ministry themselves”, who said:

“The HYBACS upgrade at Tubli alleviates the current overloading problem without the requirement for green-field construction, thereby utilising the existing secondary treatment
assets whilst avoiding additional land take. Early results demonstrate that the plant is operating exceptionally well and meeting the highest standards, with an overall improvement
in nitrogen removal of 80%”. With performance testing completed on 6th January 2014, Bluewater Bio has entered a one year operation and maintenance contract at Tubli WPCC.
Daniel Ishag concluded: “Now fully commissioned, the HYBACS upgrade at Tubli is, as you have witnessed today, consistently outperforming all the Ministry’s specifications and
expectations. As such it provides a compelling reference site for Bluewater Bio to showcase with current and future partners across the globe.”

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Inauguration Ceremony for BwB’s HYBACS Upgrade at Tubli WPCC, Bahrain

On Monday 09th December, Bluewater Bio, an award winning provider of high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, officially launched its HYBACS® wastewater treatment upgrade at the Tubli Water Pollution Control Centre (“WPCC”) in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The launch ceremony was held under the patronage of H.E. Essam Bin Abdulla Khalaf, who was joined by many other esteemed guests, including Mr Iain Lindsay OBE, Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Serving a Population Equivalent of 800,000, this plant inauguration marks the official completion of the largest environmental regeneration project of its kind in the GCC, and just the first phase of the Bahrain Government’s long term master plan for the Tubli WPCC.

In his speech during the ceremony, Daniel Ishag, founder and CEO of Bluewater Bio, said: “Bluewater Bio is delighted to have been selected by the Bahraini government for the 8 million Dinar Tubli wastewater treatment plant upgrade. This is a prestigious project, on a global scale, which will make a major contribution to the regional environment and ecology. We are proud to help future proof the country’s social and economic growth.”

The US $20 million HYBACS upgrade, implemented by BwB to help alleviate overloading at the original Tubli works, is demonstrating exceptional operational performance; producing test results that consistently meet the highest local and international treatment standards.
Eng. Khalifa Al Mansoor, Assistant Undersecretary at the Bahrain Ministry of Works added: “We meet today to celebrate the opening of the Tubli Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade project using HYBACS. Today’s event, in the presence of His Excellency the Minister of Works, Engineer Essam bin Abdulla Khalaf, coincides with the Kingdom of Bahrain’s National Day Celebrations. The upgrade project treats 100,000m3/day of the sewage water flowing to theplant, which now totals 350,000m3/day. Preliminary results indicate that the new system is operating efficiently; in line with the standard specifications and measures adopted in the project.”

The project was implemented in two stages to meet the Client’s continuous treatment requirements. The first stage, completed in June 2013, saw the Company’s SMART™ units, which power the HYBACS process, treat 50,000m3/day of wastewater. Following completion of stage 2, the HYBACS plant is now treating 100,000 of the approximately 350,000m3/day incoming flow to Tubli Treatment Plant.

Combined, these two stages involved converting two of Tubli’s ten existing aeration lanes and four of its twelve clarifiers to the HYBACS process, with 42 SMART units positioned upstream of the existing two aeration lanes. The 100,000m3/d excess flow was diverted from the existing preliminary treatment works to the HYBACS plant, increasing the loading by an additional 150% compared with the original design loading.

Daniel Ishag concluded: “At 42 SMART units, the HYBACS upgrade at Tubli Bay represents a watershed moment for Bluewater Bio, and one which steps us up a gear on the global stage. To gain recognition from the Minister and his team on a project as large and critical for Bahrain adds credence not only to our HYBACS technology but also to Bluewater Bio as a whole.

“I am personally thrilled with the effluent quality results at Tubli to date, and the strong feedback we have received from the Ministry of Works. I would like to thank everyone involved in the Tubli project: not only Bluewater Bio’s own contracting team; but also the Ministry itself, including Engineers Asma Murad, Ebrahim Al-Hawaj and Ban Najim Eldin, our delivery partners P2M, Atlas and Aqua Treat and the UKTI’s Global Entrepreneur Programme (“GEP”). We look forward to growing collaborations of this nature, both in Bahrain and the wider GCC.”

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Bluewater Bio Wins Prestigious Framework Contract with Anglian Water

Bluewater Bio International, a leading provider of innovative high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is pleased to announce that their innovative high performance multimedia filtration technology, FilterClear, has been selected by Anglian Water (“Anglian”) to be included in their Tertiary Solids Removal Framework. The contract has been awarded for three years, with an option to extend for another seven years.

A FilterClear demonstration plant was operated for four months at Cambridge Sewage Treatment Works (STW). Operational and water quality data was collected to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology. The performance met the client’s expectation and has been considered as a potential alternative to MBR or conventional sand filters where stringent solids performance is required.

In line with the National Environment Programme (NEP) to improve environment and water quality, there is a trend of increasingly demanding consent limits for discharging treated wastewater into water bodies. Under the current AMP5 period (2010 – 2015), Anglian has sites with a Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) consent below 10 mg/l. Similarly stringent discharge consents are being widely adopted during AMP6, both at Anglian and across the UK.

In the meantime, Ofwat’s rigorous approach to price limits dictates that water companies’ investment programmes have to select the most cost-effective technologies to achieve ever more stringent consents. Water companies are incentivized to deliver the most sustainable treatment solutions and, in order to achieve the required BOD standards with acceptable CAPEX and OPEX, Anglian Water, through the @one Alliance, are actively evaluating innovative technologies. FilterClear’s selection as a tertiary solution follows pilot demonstrations of competing technologies, with effluent quality and operational parameters closely monitored and compared.
Daniel Ishag, Founder & CEO of Bluewater Bio International commented: “This award, with one of the UK’s largest utility companies, renowned for its robust R&D focus, represents our first framework deal in the UK. To be selected after undergoing such vigorous testing and validation at their Cambridge facility is further testament to the value proposition that we hope to replicate with many other water companies around the world.”

“With stricter discharge consents coming into force, BwB is well placed to capture a significant proportion of Anglian’s tertiary filtration upgrades as a result of both the positive trial and the framework itself. I look forward to working with the Anglian team and their delivery partners to meet these consents.”

Bluewater Bio acquired Glasgow-based FilterClear’s innovative suite of high performance filtration technologies in September 2011, attracted by its key differentiators of class-leading throughput rate and solids retention, high dirt holding capacity and low volume of backwash waste. In addition, the small footprint, minimum civil works, quick on-site installation and minimal operational intervention gives the end user a lower whole life cost over the life of an asset.

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BwB Secures Third HYBACS® Order in South Africa, for £1.75m Hartbeesfontein Project

Bluewater Bio, a leading provider of innovative high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is pleased to announce that it has secured a third order for its low energy nutrient removal technology, HYBACS®. The project, valued at 24 million South African Rand (c. £1.75m) and secured via Bluewater Bio’s licensing agreement with Headstream Water Holdings, is for the extension of Hartbeesfontein Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), owned and operated by the City of Matlosana Local Municipality in North West Province, South Africa.

The HYBACS upgrade has been designed to double the plant capacity from 4 to 8 megalitres / day, an uplift of around 60,000 Population Equivalent, and is driven primarily by increased load from a local abattoir.  The first project phase, which is already under construction, comprises the deployment of six SMART™ units, the system that powers the HYBACS process.
Having already experienced the high quality treatment capability, low energy and maintenance costs, small footprint and rapid deployment of HYBACS on their Botleng and Swartruggens projects,  BwB was the natural choice for Moedi Consulting Engineers when engaged by the Matlosana municipality at Hartbeesfontein.

Hartbeesfontein represents BwB’s third order for HYBACS in South Africa in as many years, and marks the Company’s largest contract award within the region to date. Combined with the four SMART units already performing to high standards at the Botleng and Swartruggens plants, this latest order will bring the total African installed base to ten. In anticipation of future population growth, civil engineering works have already been prepared at Hartbeesfontein for an additional two SMART units and two more are under construction for deployment by Headstream to satisfy increasing market demand for rental units.

Daniel Ishag, Founder and CEO of Bluewater Bio International commented: “We are very pleased to have secured our third order, via Headstream, for the Hartbeesfontein wastewater treatment plant. With many regions of Africa in urgent need of wastewater upgrades and extensions, Bluewater Bio’s solution, with its superior economics and energy savings compared to conventional Activated Sludge, is ideally placed to serve this crucial social and political need.”

“Thanks to all involved, from BwB’s own team to Headstream and Moedi, we have now doubled our footprint within South Africa; further fuelling the global roll-out of BwB’s full product platform, from HYBACS and FilterClear to our latest UV solution.”

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Bluewater Bio and NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc. Sign Licensing Agreement

Bluewater Bio, a leading provider of innovative high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a licensing agreement with NeoTech Aqua Solutions, Inc. (“NeoTech”) to market their ultra- efficient, highly advanced UV technologies to industrial and municipal clients. The license is global, with exclusive territory rights that include the UK and Ireland.

BwB believe there is an excellent growth market for efficient UV technology in territories that they or their partners currently operate in. The key drivers for UV adoption are primarily its ability to disinfect harmful pathogens in potable water, including Cryptosporidium and E.coli, and the conscious effort to move away from using chlorine for safety and environmental reasons. Major catalysts for UV market growth are cost, water scarcity, public health, demand for high purity process water, reuse/recycling and environmental compliance.

NeoTech, based in San Diego, California, USA, have already proven their patented ultra-efficient UV technology in over 300 installations; selling into the food & beverage, bottled water, pharmaceutical, pools & water parks, microelectronics, wastewater, remediation, and municipal drinking water markets – both for disinfection and for the elimination of organic contaminants (TOC).

NeoTech’s UV technology utilises a patented chamber design combined with ReFleX™ technology which reflects over 99% of the UV generated back into the treated water, continuously until the target contaminant is destroyed.  By comparison, conventional UV systems typically reflect only about a quarter of the UV generated.  NeoTech’s technical advantages eliminate most of the electrical power and number of lamps required to treat a given volume of water, translating to lower operating costs, a 75% smaller footprint, less lamp and

sleeve maintenance, and a unique ability to remain powered on even if water flow is interrupted. Furthermore, NeoTech’s UV systems may be mounted in any configuration and no tools are required for lamp replacement.

BwB, established in 2007 to develop their patented HYBACS® process, have since seen their product portfolio grow to include FilterClear™, a high performance multimedia filtration technology, and GHG-Tox®, an innovative nitrification and greenhouse gas monitoring system. NeoTech aligns perfectly with BwB’s technology aggregation strategy; developing a global mid-market platform for innovative, high performance, low cost water and wastewater treatment products. Whilst each of these solutions can deliver significant performance improvements in isolation, their commercial benefits to municipal and industrial users are even more compelling when combined.
For example, Bluewater Bio’s FilterClear™ range of high performance filtration technologies achieves world class performance; removing particulates from clean water and wastewater in both municipal and industrial settings.  Neotech UV and FilterClear™ together are ideal complementary technologies for ultra-efficient filtration and subsequent disinfection.

NeoTech’s President/CEO, Stephen Dunham said: “The NeoTech team welcomes the opportunity to move forward globally in cooperation with Bluewater Bio.  The synergistic advantages of leveraging BlueWater Bio’s existing technology, global footprint and corporate assets with NeoTech’s unique technological strengths in UV renders a new, multi-faceted capability that will benefit both companies and particularly the market at large.  This is an exciting time of expansion for our respective technologies.”

Daniel Ishag, Founder & CEO of Bluewater Bio International commented: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank both teams for their effort in bringing this deal to fruition. As we look to increase our product platform and service the needs of our ever increasing customer base, this deal signifies an important step in realising that aim. We aspire to be the world’s leading independent water technology provider.  I strongly believe that, with Neotech onboard, we are ever closer to achieving this.”

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BwB Marks Expansion into India by Joining UK Prime Minister’s Trade Mission

Bluewater Bio International, the provider of high-performance and highly cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, has been invited to join Prime Minister, David Cameron, and Minister of State for Energy and Climate Change, Greg Barker, on the UK Government’s trade mission to India between 17th and 21st February 2013.

The invitation, which BwB is delighted to have accepted, comes just a few months after entering into a partnership agreement with Tatva Global Environmental Ltd, one of India’s largest environmental services conglomerates, to market BwB’s compact, high throughput, low energy filtration product – FilterClear™.

Under the agreement Tatva Global Environmental Ltd (“Tatva”) will not only market the FilterClear technology but also take responsibility for the local assembly and integration of product supplied BwB. The remit of the agreement is expected to expand beyond India, with Tatva planning to broaden its marketing into South East Asia as a whole.

The first filter vessel to be ordered under this partnership has already been delivered to the Nirlon Science and Knowledge Park’s ‘green campus’ in Mumbai’s western suburbs. FilterClear is being incorporated by Tatva into an 840 m3/day water reuse system, valued at £170,000, for this ground-breaking eco-development centred around a 200,000 sq ft traffic-free central park. ( )

This initial order at Nirlon gives BwB a foothold in a water and wastewater equipment market valued at INR 102 billion (£1.2 billion) by 2016, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 10.1 per cent1. In addition to FilterClear, BwB is seeking commercial and academic partners in India with whom to roll-out its growing technology portfolio, which also includes HYBACS® (HYbrid ACtivated Sludge) and GHG-Tox (nitrification & greenhouse gas monitoring).

Together, Bluewater Bio and Tatva are ideally positioned to share in India’s increasing prosperity, with population growth, expanding disposable incomes and changing lifestyles predicted to double1 the demand for water by 2050. Water supply, irrigation and sanitation are central to India’s emergence as a global commercial powerhouse, accounting for 17 per cent of spending under the Government’s 12th five year plan (2011) 1.

Trade and Investment Minister Lord Green said: “We are on track to double our trade with India by 2015. India has the potential to become one of the largest markets in the world. Bluewater Bio are rightly recognising that they can reap the rewards of looking outside Europe for trading partners, selling goods and services to high growth markets outside the EU.”

“Government is clear that we must build deeper ties with India. This means supporting and encouraging a range of companies, both large and small, to do business there in the future, and I am delighted that Bluewater Bio are part of the delegation for this trip.”

Bluewater Bio was established in the UK in early 2007 and has rapidly grown to employ a commercial and engineering team of 30, in London and Glasgow, plus an indirect workforce of up to 300 – including a large contractor base on the Tubli Bay sewage plant upgrade in Bahrain.

BwB currently funds two PhD students in water sciences at Cranfield University and runs an apprenticeship scheme at its London office.
Over 95% of BwB’s equipment is UK sourced, from a network of more than 20 small, traditional engineering firms – centred largely around the country’s manufacturing heartland in the West Midlands.

BwB’s support to UK manufacturing is underpinned by a market-leading R&D programme, sponsoring technology development in the UK within Severn Trent Water, Thames Water, Anglian Water, and Scottish Water. Through its Water Innovate team, the tech transfer business acquired from Cranfield University in September 2010, BwB is committed to the continuous improvement of its core products, the development of new water and wastewater innovations and the identification of third party technologies for potential acquisition or licensing.

Jai Shroff, owner and MD of Tatva Global Environmental, commented:  “We at Tatva are very pleased to add Bluewater Bio’s technologies to our suite of environmental solutions in our continued efforts to be at the forefront of technology leadership in the environment industry. We expect to add substantial value to our clients by offering a technology which out-performs existing solutions on a host of parameters.”

Daniel Ishag, CEO of BwB, concluded: “This high level delegation to India is another major milestone for Bluewater Bio as we expand our global coverage. We are delighted not only to have found a partner of Tatva’s scale and reputation for our first foray into India, but also to be commissioning our first joint installation at an eco-development like the Nirlon Knowledge Park. Building on that flagship foundation we have already identified an ongoing pipeline in India of 12 potential projects with a combined sales value, for the FilterClear component, of approximately £6 million.”

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