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United Utilities deploys BwB’s HYBACS process to upgrade Whaley Bridge WwTW

Bluewater Bio Limited, a leading provider of treatment solutions to the water industry, is pleased to announce that United Utilities Water Limited (“United Utilities”), through its key capital delivery partner Mott MacDonald Bentley (“MMB”), has selected Bluewater Bio’s enhanced activated sludge process, HYBACS®, to upgrade Whaley Bridge Wastewater Treatment Works (WwTW). The site, which discharges into the River Goyt and treats a population equivalent of approx. 50,000, additional capacity is required to meet a more stringent ammonia consent of 3 mg/l, as part of the Water Framework Directive.

The upgrade at Whaley Bridge will include the installation of six SMART™ Units as well as improvements to the inlet works and storm tanks. SMART™ units are high-rate bioreactors that, when installed upstream of an aeration lane, form BwB’s proprietary HYBACS – HYBrid ACtivated Sludge – process.

The existing configuration of the works comprises an activated sludge stream operating in parallel with a trickling filter stream. Originally the activated sludge process was constructed as a ‘Vitox’ process though is currently operating as a conventional aerated ASP. By deploying the SMART Units upfront of the existing ASP reactor additional load and flow can be treated to a higher standard within the existing process units thereby unloading the remaining trickling filters and enabling higher levels of ammonia removal to be achieved across the works as a whole. At Whaley bridge the site is highly constrained preventing a more conventional expansion and so being able to meet tighter treatment standards without additional land take is a major benefit.

The SMART units themselves will be assembled and tested offsite in accordance with the principles of Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA), which reduces the risks associated with site work. Being able to install the units off-line means that treatment process is not interrupted during construction. This simplicity of upgrade means that the plant will be operational in autumn 2017.

John Martin, MEP Manager at Mott MacDonald Bentley, commented: “Through early contract involvement with Bluewater Bio, MMB and UU were able to move quickly to order placement post contract award. This collaborative approach has driven considerable savings in time and CAPEX whilst at the same time MMB are very confident that the HYBACS technology will meet the specified process performance. Being in a position to let the contract with BWB early in the project delivery has allowed MMB to focus on the other areas of the project scope. The technology itself is simple to integrate with the existing process and it is anticipated that the seeding and commissioning phases will be uncomplicated and robust. We look forward to completing the project with BWB and we have every confidence that the project will be a great success for both parties.”

Fergus Rooksby, Commercial Director of Bluewater Bio, commented: “We look forward to working with both United Utilities and MMB in upgrading the works at Whaley Bridge. HYBACS offers compelling benefits over alternative solutions when needing to upgrade ASP plants, either for tighter discharge consents, capacity increases, or indeed both.”

“One of the key themes we are seeing this AMP is that the water companies are under even greater efficiency challenges. HYBACS, with its modularity and excellent DfMA qualities, is able to address some of these challenges by being able to swiftly upgrade an Activated Sludge plant by simple offline installation of SMART Units, with no interruption to the process. Its ability to maximise the use of existing assets helps to further reduce CAPEX. As we move forward for the remainder of this AMP and into the next, with tighter ammonia consents coming into force, we fully expect HYBACS to capture a significant proportion of similar schemes.”

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HYBACS shaping the future of the South African wastewater industry

Emmanuel Khomela, Executive Manager – Development, for East Rand Water Care Company (ERWAT) speaks to the Institute of Municipal Engineering of Southern Africa (IMIESA) about the successes of implemeting HYBACS at Tsakane Wastewater Treatment Works. Read the article here

Bluewater Bio awarded Phosphorus Removal Contract by Severn Trent Water

Bluewater Bio Limited, a leading provider of treatment solutions to the water industry, is pleased to announce that  Severn Trent Water (“Severn Trent”), through its key capital delivery partner Mott MacDonald Bentley (“MMB”), has selected the Company’s high rate multi-media filtration technology, FilterClear, for the provision of a tertiary solids removal plant at Codsall STW, Staffordshire. BwB are providing a fully automated 4v2040 tertiary solids removal plant capable of treating up to 100 L/s of flow, to enable the site to meet the new consent of 0.5 mg/l for phosphorus, under the Water Framework Directive.


After an extensive evaluation of competing technologies, it was concluded that FilterClear offered the lowest TOTEX solution. By using FilterClear MMB were able to realise significant cost savings as a result of utilising the vessel headspace for flocculation, thereby eliminating the need to provide additional upstream flocculation with mechanical mixing. Additionally, the relatively low head loss offered operational cost savings against higher head systems. The low operator intervention needs of a sealed filtration system further augmented the solution’s attractiveness for the Severn Trent Operations team.

FilterClear is both a modular and scalable process, treating flows ranging from 2 L/s to in excess of 1,000 L/s.

Fergus Rooksby, Commercial Director of Bluewater Bio, commented: “We are delighted to work with both Severn Trent and MMB on this P removal scheme. This award allows us to showcase FilterClear as an ideal option for a chemical dosing approach to low phosphate concentration consents. We are seeing increasingly stringent discharge consents coming into force across the UK in AMP 6, with many water companies needing to implement enhanced P removal across numerous sites. Its modularity and excellent DfMA credentials make it an attractive solution to both tier one and end users. We believe FilterClear is well placed to capture a significant proportion of these schemes.”

The contract with Severn Trent marks the Company’s second P removal scheme in the past 12 months, with FilterClear currently being assessed by Yorkshire Water, as part of the National Chemical Investigation Programme (CIP), at Bolsover STW.

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Prince Charles has strengthened our links in the Gulf at a vital time (Evening Standard)

(original article by Robert Jobson, Evening Standard, 11 November 2016)

Prince Charles’s state visit to the Gulf has left many influential figures, both in the region and at home, feeling better about Britain and its place in the world.

This is the Prince’s fourth visit to the region in four years, at the request of the British government, “promoting the UK’s partnership in the region in key areas such as religious tolerance, military cooperation, supporting women in leadership, creating youth opportunities, preserving cultural heritage and wildlife conservation”.

During his visit Charles opened a new welfare block at Britain’s naval facility in Manama, Bahrain and met sailors on board HMS Middleton.

The unit, built on land gifted by the government, is using wastewater treatment technology deployed by award-winning British firm Bluewater Bio, a global specialist in technologies for cost-efficient, environmentally friendly water and wastewater treatment.

Its technology will help to clean the previously polluted water at the bay, helping to conserve the mangrove forest and protect Tubli Bay from further degradation.

The firm now plans to broaden its business across the region, an expansion which will be worth millions of pounds. Xan Morgan, Middle East director of Bluewater Bio, said: “The reality is that the visit from the Prince of Wales will be a powerful catalyst to our Gulf-wide expansion plans.”

Richard Haddon, the firm’s executive chairman, said: “We are delighted that our work at Tubli has been a resounding success and one that has exceeded the expectations of the client.

As a British-based company whose operations have been firmly established in the country for nearly 10 years, we are proud to call Bahrain our Middle East hub.

“Tubli continues to serve as a compelling showcase of our capabilities and technology, further strengthening our position both regionally  and internationally. Tubli has been a true win-win project.”

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Bluewater Bio obtains Achilles UVDB Category C Verify 2016-2017 Accreditation.

Bluewater Bio are pleased to announce they have obtained Achilles UVDB Category C Verify 2016-2017 accreditation, with an aggregate score of over 91% across all assessed criteria. The Company demonstated an improvement across all criteria in comparison to the previous year’s assessment.
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Management System Evaluation (2015)
Health & Safety – 92%
Environment – 79%
Quality – 84%
CSR – 100%

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Management System Evaluation (2016)
Health & Safety – 96%
Environment – 82%
Quality – 87%
CSR – 100%

[/su_column] [/su_row] [su_divider top=”no” divider_color=”#dfdfdf” size=”2″] [su_row][su_column size=”1/3″]Achilles Audit Logo_Cat C[/su_column] [su_column size=”2/3″]The UVDB Verify audit and assessment is undertaken independently by Achilles and provides a rigorous assessment of a company’s risk critical issues with a particularly strong focus on demonstrable compliance to Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) requirements.

Our certificate can be viewed below

Certificate of Assessment

Bluewater Bio awarded Phosphorus removal contract by Yorkshire Water

Bluewater Bio Limited, a leading provider of innovative high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is pleased to announce that  Yorkshire Water Services Ltd (“Yorkshire Water”) has selected the Company’s high rate filter technology, FilterClear, for their full-scale P removal trials at Bolsover sewage treatment/wastewater treatment works, Derbyshire. The site serves a population equivalent of 10,000, with FilterClear being utilised for 100 per cent of the flow. The contract, scheduled for delivery on 6th November, is part of a wider initiative with participants across the ten major Water and Sewerage Companies, managed by UK Water Industry Research Ltd (“UKWIR”). The trial is scheduled to last for a 12 month period, due to be completed in December 2016.

As part of the National Chemical Investigation Programme (CIP) the feasibility and cost implications in achieving a Total Phosphorus level of 0.1 mg/L will be evaluated, with the outcome of the trials aiding in determining the strategy the respective water companies’ implement when addressing P removal in the future.

Fergus Rooksby, Commercial Director of Bluewater Bio, commented: “We are delighted to work with Yorkshire Water on what is a very important area of interest for the industry a whole. With increasingly stringent discharge coming into place for P removal across the UK and Europe, economically viable and sustainable approaches need to be examined and evaluated.

“FilterClear’s exceptional final effluent quality coupled with its small footprint, off-site manufacturing approach and short lead times make it an ideal option for a chemical dosing approach to low phosphate concentration consents.”


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Bluewater Bio Secures Fourth HYBACS Order in South Africa, for £2.5m Tsakane Project

Bluewater Bio International, a leading provider of high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is delighted to announce that it has secured its fourth order in South Africa for its efficient enhanced activated sludge process, HYBACS®. The project, valued at 44.4 million South African Rand (c. £2.5m) has been secured via BwB’s licensee partner in Sub Saharan Africa, Headstream Water. The project is for the extension of the Tsakane Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), located 25 miles southeast of Johannesburg.


Tsakane STP is one of 19 STPs owned and operated by East Rand Water Care Company (ERWAT), an award-winning and progressive wastewater utility, who serve more than 3.5 million people and some 2,000 industries near Johannesburg.


The original STP at Tsakane was designed to treat an average of 10,800 m3/day of wastewater however following rapid growth of the township, the STP became overloaded, thereby requiring the need to increase the capacity of the plant. The HYBACS upgrade has been designed to more than double the capacity of the existing plant, thereby servicing a 75,000 population equivalent (PE). The upgrade includes 12 of BwB’s SMART Units, the unique component of the HYBACS process. A major benefit of the HYBACS solution is that it avoids the need to build any additional structures, thus reducing the cost substantially and enabling the upgrade to be carried out swiftly and without affecting the operation of the existing treatment plant.

Tsakane represents BwB’s fourth order for HYBACS in South Africa in less than five years, and marks the Company’s largest contract award in the region to date. Combined with the 10 SMART units currently in operation at the Botleng, Swartruggens and Hartbeesfontein plants, this latest order will more than double the Company’s installed base to 22.

Fergus Rooksby, Commercial Director of Bluewater Bio, commented: “We are delighted to have secured our fourth order, via Headstream, for the Tsakane sewage treatment plant. The increasing use of HYBACS in South Africa is both a direct result of all the hard work done by our partners Headstream and an increasing realization by major water utilities such as ERWAT that simple and robust solutions to overloaded treatment plants are the way forward. In a market where the wastewater infrastructure is under increasing pressure due to ageing assets and overloading and where competition for capital is fierce, HYBACS continues to show that it is well suited to meet these needs. The high quality of treatment HYBACS delivers is sufficient to meet some of the most stringent discharge consents around the globe and its modularity makes it a powerful tool. Following the success of this significant scheme, I look forward to the continued roll out of HYBACS in South Africa and beyond.”


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Bluewater Bio Awarded Three Projects by Anglian Water

Bluewater Bio International, a leading provider of innovative high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is pleased to announce that Anglian Water PLC (“Anglian”), under its Tertiary Solids Removal Framework, has awarded three contracts for FilterClear, BwB’s innovative high performance multimedia filtration technology. The three projects are located at Brington and Bugbrooke Water Recycling Centres (“WRC”), in Northamptonshire, and Alford WRC in Lincolnshire. .

In total, the three FilterClear systems will be treating up to 7,000 cubic meters per day, at an aggregate contract value of just under £0.6 million. BwB will supply its advanced multimedia filters as pre-engineered and tested package plants, thereby reducing the duration, cost and risks of site work.

The high performance FilterClear systems deliver many benefits when compared with competing technologies, especially in terms of high filtrate quality, compact footprint and reduced energy requirements – thereby establishing FilterClear as a cost competitive solution.

Adrian Harris, recently appointed CEO of Bluewater Bio, commented: “We are delighted to work with Anglian Water and their delivery partners in the @one Alliance on this framework. FilterClear is an established and well-proven technology within Scotland and we are pleased that Anglian Water has recognised its particular benefits for these wastewater polishing applications.”

“Tertiary solids removal is becoming important for many sites across the UK and Europe and increasingly stringent consents for phosphorus often necessitate very high levels of solids removal, something that FilterClear achieves readily with low operating costs.”

Prior to the framework contract and subsequent orders, a FilterClear demonstration plant was operated for four months at Cambridge WRC. Operational and water quality data were collected to demonstrate the effectiveness of the technology. The performance exceeded the client’s expectations and FilterClear has been considered as a potential alternative to conventional sand filters or even membrane filters where stringent solids performance is required.

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Lloyd Martin appointed Chairman of British Water’s International Forum

Bluewater Bio International, an award-winning provider of innovative high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is pleased to announce that Lloyd Martin, Business Development & Strategic Counsel for BwB, has been appointed as Chairman for British Water’s (“BW”) International Forum. The role commenced from 2nd April, with Lloyd serving a term of three years, during which he will also be a member of the board of Directors of British Water. The International Forum offers members of British Water – the UK water industry trade association – who are active or interested in international trade, the opportunity to expand their commercial activities in overseas territories.

Lloyd Martin

Lloyd Martin brings over 20 years’ water industry experience working in international markets, including Regional Director for Severn Trent Services International and Business Development Manager at Anglian Water International. Lloyd has also undertaken a three year assignment as the UK water industry’s international trade advisor to the British Government.

In his role, Lloyd will serve as an ‘Ambassador’ for the UK water and wastewater supply chain internationally, raising the profile of UK capability and expertise as well as facilitating commercial introductions and trade for British Water members.

Daniel Ishag, Founder and CEO of Bluewater Bio International commented: “Lloyd has proven to be a highly valued member of our team over the past couple of years, with his extremely relevant business network both within the UK and internationally. I have the utmost faith in his ability to chair the International Forum and help drive business for the UK supply chain overseas.”

“In our case, we have found that international markets have been critical to our success, gaining significant traction in key markets such as South Africa, Middle East and USA. With the well documented barriers to innovation in the UK, I would strongly advise any UK based technology company to seize any assistance they can obtain from British Water when evaluating their commercial strategy abroad.”

Lloyd Martin added: “I have been committed to British Water’s international activities for at least 20 years, ever since I first began working overseas. I am a strong supporter of the key role that British Water can play in assisting companies that wish to expand their activities internationally. I believe that British Water has a unique position within the industry, being able to link the best commercial ideas of its members with the export assistance available from UKTI. I intend to improve the Forum’s ability to meet the needs of British Water’s members, by focussing on how best to provide information, knowledge and experience of exports to all, and by acting as a networking conduit for best-practices.”

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Bluewater Bio wins ‘Best Process Technology’ at WEX fro HYBACS project in Bahrain

Bluewater Bio International, a leading provider of innovative high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is delighted to announce that it has received the accolade of ‘Best Process Technology’ at this year’s prestigious Water and Energy Exchange (“WEX”) Global Innovation Awards. The ceremony, sponsored by Degremont, took place at the illustrious Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid during the 8th annual WEX conference, which brings together the world’s leading experts and authorities in the Water and Energy industries. (

The awards were open to organisations that have made a significant contribution to the water and wastewater sector during the previous 12 months. They were fiercely contested, with BwB competing in the process technology category against multi-billion pound nominees such as Sembcorp and Kemira.

Bluewater Bio has recently celebrated the successful commissioning and performance of its HYBrid ACtivated Sludge (“HYBACS”) upgrade at Tubli Water Pollution Control Centre in Bahrain, generating strong ministerial and media endorsement. Just last month, the company welcomed a delegation of 40 key industry personnel from leading water engineering companies around the globe, keen to witness the impressive performance of HYBACS first hand. BwB has now entered into an operation and maintenance contract at Tubli.

Daniel Ishag, Founder and CEO of Bluewater Bio International added: “Our 100 ML/d HYBACS plant at Tubli is the jewel in BwB’s crown, with test results consistently outperforming the client’s expectations. Gaining recognition from not only the client but also the highly respected and esteemed industry peers represented by the WEX awards, is a great honour and one of which the team at BwB should be immensely proud.”

Furthermore, the HYBACS upgrade at Tubli has also been shortlisted for wastewater project of the year in April’s Global Water Intelligence (“GWI”) awards, along with industry heavyweights such as Aqualia, CH2M Hill, Tedagua, Veolia and WTE. (

Daniel concludes: “We must not forget that, in industry terms, Bluewater Bio is still a relatively young company. To be credited so highly, under tough competition from the establishment, is testament to our entrepreneurial commitment, drive and determination. The results of our HYBACS process speak for themselves; we have a compelling technology, proven on a large scale, that I envisage becoming an industry standard over the near term.”

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