The Company is committed to a policy of equal opportunities and its intention is to comply fully in all aspects of appropriate and current legislation. This policy will apply in respect of recruitment and selection procedures, career development, promotion, training, payment practices, and all other terms and conditions of employment. It is the responsibility of each employee at every level to promote Equal Opportunities and to pursue non—discriminatory policies and practices in employment and through behaviour, language, attitude and actions so that no discriminatory practices occur.

It is our policy to promote Equal Opportunities throughout the company and to ensure that no employee or job applicant is less fairly treated or suffers any harassment because of discrimination whether directly, indirectly, through victimisation or harassment. Failure of any employee to observe the principles laid out in this policy will become subject to the company disciplinary procedure and may result in breaches of the law.

Bluewater Bio celebrates diversity in all its forms and is committed to providing a fair and inclusive work environment. Bluewater Bio is committed to ensuring that dignity and respect will be afforded to individuals in recruitment and on appointment, irrespective of any protected characteristic. Furthermore, Bluewater Bio wants to provide a supportive and safe environment where colleagues can be themselves. We aim to create a working environment that is free from discrimination and harassment in any form.

All employees and workers will be expected to comply with Bluewater Bio’s code of conduct and policy on harassment in the workplace. Any behaviour found to be in breach of our expected standards of conduct or employment policies will be investigated and may lead to disciplinary action.